SRAM Headquarters

Chicago, IL

Founded in 1987, bicycle component innovator, SRAM, chose a century-old cold storage building at 1KFulton for the relocation of its global headquarters. The state-of-the-art office building renovation took its cue from the industrial, open ceiling and the client’s desire for open floor space. The exposed linear lighting with industrial strip lights balanced the existing natural light with task lighting and meticulous aiming allows the test track weaving through the space to shine. Individual spaces are distinguished from breakout spaces with the use of distinctive pendants clearly delineating the specific use.

Project Details


2018 AIA Design Excellence Award

SRAM hallway and work area, interior lighting SRAM reception waiting area, interior lighting SRAM break area, interior lighting
SRAM work space, interior lighting SRAM entry way, interior lighting SRAM lounge area, interior lighting