Chicago, IL

If there ever was a collaboration space KPMG – Chicago 68th would be it. The Innovation Lab and Insight Center is a dynamic space for their Technology Solutions teams to work in partnership with leading technology firms. Collaboration began with functional programming and completed with final lighting aiming and dimming. The lighting was designed to encourage creativity, draw people in, help people to congregate, or to escape into your own workspace. Lighting vertical surfaces to brighten space, balance daylight, keep foot candles in lounge areas low at seating areas created an overall sense of relaxed productivity. By offering many different types of lighting and a variety of light levels, the lighting design became one of the strongest aspects of the space. Dimming is encouraged throughout the day and night to offer even more variety and options for users.

Project Details


KPMG main hallway, interior lighting KPMG office collaboration area, interior lighting
KPMG conference area, interior lighting KPMG work space, interior lighting