The designers at AKLD Lighting Design thoroughly review a project based on architectural drawings, design renderings, program narratives, existing site visits and most importantly face to face meetings with the client, architect and interior designer to understand the lighting design direction.  While a variety of solutions exist for a project, the design team creatively builds on the ideas from the architectural design and their participation in IES and IALD events to develop a successful design scheme.  With constantly evolving technologies, the use of lighting controls, stricter codes and regulations, and economic and environmental considerations, a lighting designer has become an integral part of the design team.

All of our Senior Designers are LEED AP and have worked on a number of LEED projects, including LEED platinum projects.  Our clients benefit from our review and application of research studies for a variety of environments.  These findings cover personal lighting controls, daylight harvesting and exterior views, color temperature of the source, lighting placement, glare control and the reduction or elimination of noise and/or flicker associated with lighting.

How AKLD stands apart from other lighting design firms:

  • Our designers have varied backgrounds in fine arts, interior design, architecture, architectural engineering, and theatrical lighting.
  • From our experience, we advise and guide design teams in finish selection to best support their vision and the overall project goals.
  • We have in-depth experience designing lighting control programming and control layouts.


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