For over 20 years, AKLD Lighting Design, Ltd. (AKLD) has successfully designed more than 1,000 Architectural Lighting Design and Lighting Control System projects in a wide range of applications and environments.

AKLD has completed a number of LEED projects including LEED Platinum projects, and all of our Senior Designers are LEED AP accredited.

Our completed projects include lighting specifications for hospitality, education, municipal projects, corporate offices, retail, libraries, schools, museum/galleries, churches, high-end residences, and exterior/landmark lighting.  We enjoy solving unique lighting challenges.

At AKLD, teamwork, creativity, individual consideration, originality, attention to detail, and timeless solutions form the foundation of our work.

As independent consultants affiliated with the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), AKLD accepts no fees from manufacturers or suppliers of equipment and is therefore free to recommend the best lighting solutions tailored specifically to your project.


PH: 847.475.2010